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Flat Coil Tarp with Side Flaps for Flatbed Truck

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Custom Build (3-5 days)
18.5oz Premium-Series Vinyl
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Item #: CTV-F

  • Product Description
    • Made of premium-grade heavy duty 18.5oz waterproof vinyl
    • Semi fitted designed works much better than a square tarp
    • Can be used on multiple sizes of coils
    • Rows of D-Rings about every 18" on all four sides
    • Hemmed edges reinforced with heavy duty webbing

    Fitted coil tarps are commonly used to protect steel or aluminum coils while being transported on a flatbed truck and trailer. Traditionally these are made by sewing one rectangular center tarp and two rounded side tarps together to create a cylinder shape. This design is known as a coil bag and they work great on one size of coil, but we frequently have drivers who want to purchase one tarp that can be used on multiple sizes of coils. For this, we recommend our flat coil tarp with side flaps. This style of tarp is built using the same raw materials as a coil bag, but it is only sewn together at the peak of the coil.

    Securing this style tarp takes a little more time and a few more bungee cords than a coil bag would, but this one tarp can be used to protect multiple sizes of coils. This tarp is designed for use on a coil that is being hauled in either the suicide or shotgun position. It can also be used on virtually any coil smaller than this size.

    Our flat coil tarp with side flaps is made completely out of premium-grade 18.5oz polyester reinforced waterproof vinyl. The outer edge of the material is folded over creating a two-ply thickness as heavy duty 2" polypro webbing is installed. About every 18” up all four sides of the tarp, you will find rows of D-Rings that are reinforced with webbing and backstitched with our heavy duty rot resistant polyester thread to ensure long life. All around the hem will be additional outward facing D-Rings and the bottom of each side includes brass spur grommets that are machine punched through the reinforcement webbing.

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