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6' Drop Flatbed Truck Vinyl Lumber Tarp 20' x 17'3" with Flap - MADE IN USA

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18 oz or 14 oz Vinyl Coated Polyester
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Item #: LT20-17F

  • Product Description
    • 18 oz or 14 oz vinyl coated polyester fabric
    • Welded hem with brass grommets spaced 30" apart
    • 3 Rows of webbing reinforced D-rings spaced at 30" apart
    • 6'x8' flap is recessed 12" into tarp and double sewn for long life
    • This price is for one tarp but buyers usually order a quantity of two
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    Lumber tarps are the most commonly used style of truck tarp for flatbed trailers. Their large size and ample attachment points can be used to tarp virtually any load. A six-foot drop tarp is 20' wide which will cover loads up to 6' tall x 8' across. When ordered in the 17'3" length typically two end tarps plus one center tarp will be purchased. Together the 3 piece set will provide up to 48' of coverage.

    One end of the tarp includes an 6'x8' flap which will drop down the front or rear of the load to create the boxed shape. This flap is recessed 12" into the tarp creating a pair of rain flaps that will wrap around the corners of the load and tuck underneath the flap for a better seal. The flap is double sewn onto the tarp using our rot resistant thread to ensure long life.

    Three rows of D-Rings are installed on both sides as well as the flap. These 1.5" dee rings are spaced at 30" apart and are inserted under a row of heavy duty polypro webbing. Each ring is triple stitched using our black 277 polyester thread. The outer perimeter of the tarp is folded over creating a two-ply thickness known as the hem. Brass rolled rimmed #2 grommets are machine punched about every 30" around this hem.

    We offer this tarp constructed out of either 14 oz or 18 oz vinyl coated polyester fabric. Both are made by the same manufacturer and share the same 1000Dx1300D construction. Both have the same tear strength but the 18 oz has a thicker vinyl coating which provides additional abrasion resistance. This size tarp weighs 50 lbs. in the 14oz or 59 lbs. in the 18oz. The 18 oz fabric has proven to be the best choice for this type of tarp.

    Lookout Mountain Tarp keeps this tarp premade ready for immediate pick up or same business day shipping if the 18 oz fabric is selected in the black color. If you select a color other than black or the 14 oz lightweight fabric, please allow 3-5 business days for your tarps to be built. As always, we pay the tax if picked up or we pay the shipping if shipped so the price shown will be your total cost. For fleets looking to purchase a pallet of 20 tarps we offer a 10% discount.

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