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26' Ratchet-Lock Winter Safety Cover Tarp for 24' Round Swimming Pool

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Item #: PIL24-RNSRK

  • Product Description
    Box Contents
    • Safety Pool Cover with 2" Webbing Straps
    • Anchor Bolts
    • Anchor Plates and Slip Locks
    • Ratchet-Locks
    • Pool Cover Storage Bag
    • Installation Instructions

    Ratchet-Lock part # PIL24-RNSRK is a safety cover tarp to fit Round swimming pools with No Steps. Ratchet-Lock safety pool covers feature hybrid construction which combines a solid 13oz vinyl laminated polyester fabric with a vinyl coated mesh. This design blocks all UV rays preventing algae growth while also allowing rain water to flow into the pool for a maintenance free winter.

    Seams are the most common failure point of a pool cover however Ratchet-Lock tarps are constructed using a high-end fabric that allow for heat welded seams eliminating this failure point. A grid of reinforcement webbing is sewn on the bottom of the cover to better support any weight applied from above. We use a wider 2" webbing similar to a seat belt and attach it with heavy duty rot resistant thread that is 47% stronger. One end of each webbing strap is secured using an anchor plate. The opposite end of this strap passes through a ratchet that can be used to quickly adjust the tension of the cover. This design will support north of 600lbs per webbing strap making it substantially stronger than other brands.

    The double expansion anchors included with a Ratchet-Lock kit are 1/2" round requiring 33% less drilling than other brands. As the T30 Torx bolt is tightened it widens to fill the hole securely attaching the hardware to the pool deck. They are made of rust proof die-cast zinc known as Zamak and will be mounted flush. A SDS masonry stop bit is included with each cover to make cutting these holes quick and easy with any hammer drill.

    Lookout Mountain Tarp guarantees the workmanship on every tarp we make for the life of the tarp. That statement means that defects in workmanship will be repaired or replaced for as long as the tarp's materials remain useable. If properly cared for, a safety pool cover will keep a pool safe for 8 to 12 winters. It may be possible to continue using our product well beyond this time frame but in our experience a cover over 10 years of age is no longer as safe as it once was. Older covers should be inspected each spring and replaced if the fabric has become brittle or the threads have rotten.


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