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About Us

Customers are often curious why a business located in Cullman Alabama is called Lookout Mountain Tarp. Well, it’s a pretty interesting story.

Lookout Mountain Tarp is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, tarpaulin company in the United States. The business originated in Chattanooga Tennessee in the early 1920’s and was actually incorporated in 1927.

Welcome to Lookout Mountain Tarp

When I meet Pat and Peggy Ellis they had been running the business for 42 years. We were seated with them for lunch after touring Ephesus in Turkey on a Mediterranean cruise. It turned out Pat had attended private school some 50 years before in the town where Beth and I now live, Cullman, Alabama. More amazing, Pat had a brother that was a doctor in my hometown of Clarksdale, Mississippi and I attended school with his daughter. It is strange how you can be half way around the world and connect with someone you have never laid eyes on before.

Pat made a comment that they were planning to retire soon and since none of their children were interested in taking over the business their plan was to just lock the doors. As a businessman of over 30 years that just didn’t make sense to me. So, soon after our cruise we made a trip to Chattanooga to talk to Pat and Peggy. I already owned a business in Cullman, Alabama and I thought we might have plenty of space available to run both businesses out of the same location. Everything seemed destined to be and just fell right into place.

After some hands on training in Chattanooga, I moved the business to its current location in Cullman, Alabama. We hired Steve Suggs (a production manager with well over 15 years of experience in the tarpaulin industry) and a few of his best employees combined with a few of ours to make up the new crew.

The business has grown steadily since we took over. We now operate out of about 4 times the space we started with in 2001, currently employ almost double the number of workers, and we have created a large scale tarp repair service that didn’t exist before.

Pat’s business philosophy in Chattanooga was to combine the best materials available with the highest quality workmanship possible. We adopted that philosophy from day one and refuse to change. We want a long-lasting, healthy relationship with our customers and it is our opinion that cannot be achieved by selling the same cheap, poorly constructed, imported tarps that most of our competitors have switched to. We will never be the place to get the cheapest tarp online but we guarantee that our service and quality will more than make up for any difference in price.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website and please contact us if we can help.

Phil and Beth Anderson, owners