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70% Solid Privacy Screens - 8.25oz Knitted MonoFilament

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Custom Build (3-5 days)
70% Solid - 8.25oz Knitted MonoFilament
  • Custom Build - Ships within 3-5 days
  • Item is not returnable - please measure carefully
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Item #: PSM70

  • Product Description
    • Built with 8.25oz Knitted MonoFilament material
    • Hemmed edges reinforced with sewn in 2" webbing
    • #2 brass grommets installed every 24" on all sides
    • Material is 70% solid
    • Finished measurement will be 4" shorter than the fence height

    Lookout Mountain Tarp Privacy Screens are a great option when you need some added shade and/or privacy. If you are looking for a multi-function fence screen that will provide shade, privacy, and wind protection, our mesh or laminate Privacy Screens are what you need.

    Our selection of materials allows you to choose the level of shade and privacy that will best meet your needs:

    • 100% Solid - 13oz Vinyl Laminated Polyester
    • 95% Solid - 7.5oz Calendared Polypropylene
    • 85% Solid - 9oz Foamed Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh
    • 70% Solid - 8.25oz Knitted MonoFilament

    To ensure a perfect fit for your fence, the height of the privacy screen will be 4" shorter than the fence. Our privacy screens are designed with #2 brass grommets machine punched into the reinforced hemmed webbing at the top and bottom and on each end making them easy to attach to chain link fences. Our privacy screens for 10' and 12' tall fences will have an extra strip of webbing half-way up the height of the fence with grommets to help prevent ballooning.

    If one of our standard sizes will not work for your needs, please contact us for a custom quote.

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