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Side Roll Tarp for Belly Bottom Dump Trailer Bed - 18oz Waterproof Vinyl

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Custom Build (3-5 days)
18oz Vinyl Coated Polyester
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Item #: RTV-18

  • Product Description
    • Built using premium grade 18.5oz waterproof vinyl
    • Hemmed edges with 2" reinforcement webbing sewn in
    • 4" drivers side pocket with reinforcement webbing installed at each seam
    • 2" passenger side pocket sewn with heavy duty rot resistant polyester thread
    • Does not include tail flap

    Roll tarp systems are most commonly used on open top trailers with either a belly or end dump feature. They can also be found on roll off containers, grain wagon carts, fertilizer spreaders, and tender boxes. They could be manual or electric and include a pair of pipes that will be used to secure the tarp as well as open it from side to side. The system will include a front nose cap for the tarp to overlap and most also include a rear end cap. The length of the tarp will be the distance between the nose/tail cap plus 6" of overlap per cap. The width of the tarp is the width of the trailer, plus any additional height added by bows, plus any extra travel needed for the mechanism to secure the tarp.

    This replacement roll tarp is built using our 18.5oz knife coated vinyl polyester, which is 100% waterproof making it perfect for hauling loads of grain or soil that need to stay dry. This fabric comes on a 61" roll that is assembled using heat sealed seams that span across the trailer. At each end, the material is folded to create a two-ply thickness as heavy duty polypro webbing is installed. Next, 18" pieces of webbing are installed at each seam that will reinforce the main pocket. Now that webbing has been installed, each side of the tarp is folded to create a pocket that is completely encased by webbing. To prevent stretching and ensure long life, we use a double lock stitch combined with our high strength rot resistant polyester thread.

    Replacement roll tarps are a custom fitted product that will be built to order. The selection boxes offer 1' length increments. If your length calculation falls in between these please select the next size up and add a note during checkout requesting your specific length (for example 41'7"). Also if the driver side of your tarp secures using ratchets please let us know how many so we can include new straps.

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