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13oz Laminate Repair Patch Kit

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13oz Solid Laminate
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Item #: PKL13

  • Product Description
    • 1 yard of 13 oz laminate tarp
    • 1 quart RH Products HH-66 Vinyl Cement
    • Chemically weld patch to pool cover or old tarp for a quick fix
    • Perfect for on the spot repairs

    The 13oz Laminate Tarp Repair Kit includes one quart of HH66 vinyl cement and one yard of material. RH Products' HH-66 Vinyl Cement part # 212502 is an essential part of any vinyl tarp owner's repair kit. The repair kit vinyl material will measure 72" x 36" giving you enough material for multiple repairs or one larger one.

    The 13oz laminated material is the same as we use when manufacturing a our pool covers. The laminate coated material is fire retardent, waterproof, and prevents the sun's rays from stimulating algae growth in your pool.

    When patching a pool cover or other laminate coated tarp, HH66 will chemically weld the laminate patch to your laminate tarp in the same fashion as a heat weld would do. If the pieces are put together properly, the vinyl glue will cement the patch and tarp together so you will once again have a working tarp or pool cover. The vinyl cement comes with an applicator attached to the lid in the quart-sized can. H66 applies easily and is fast drying, which make it perfect for quick fixes. See the product sheet for technical and safety data.

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