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13oz Laminate Repair Patch Kit with Roller Tool

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13oz Solid Laminate
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Item #: PKL13R

  • Product Description
    • 1 yard of 13 oz laminate tarp
    • 1 quart RH Products HH-66 Vinyl Cement
    • 1 Dynamat 2" Heavy Duty Roller Tool
    • Chemically weld patch to pool cover or old tarp for a quick fix
    • Perfect for on the spot repairs

    The 13oz Laminate Tarp Repair Kit includes one quart of HH66 vinyl cement, one 2" roller tool, and one yard of material. RH Products' HH-66 Vinyl Cement part # 212502 is an essential part of any vinyl tarp owner's repair kit. The Dynamat Professional Series Heavy Duty Roller Tool part # 10007 is a 2" solid rubber roller that will help ensure a solid bond between the old vinyl and the patch material.The repair kit vinyl material will measure 72" x 36" giving you enough material for multiple repairs or one larger one.

    The 13oz laminated material is the same as we use when manufacturing a our pool covers. The laminate coated material is fire retardent, waterproof, and prevents the sun's rays from stimulating algae growth in your pool.

    When patching a pool cover or other laminate coated tarp, HH66 will chemically weld the laminate patch to your laminate tarp in the same fashion as a heat weld would do. If the pieces are put together properly, the vinyl glue will cement the patch and tarp together so you will once again have a working tarp or pool cover. The vinyl cement comes with an applicator attached to the lid in the quart-sized can. H66 applies easily and is fast drying, which make it perfect for quick fixes. See the product sheet for technical and safety data.

    The roller tool helps seal the bond between the old vinyl tarp, the H66 vinyl cement, and the new vinyl patch material. This roller should serve you for several patches and has a sturdy wooden handle for a comfortable yet secure grip.

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